Attack on Vaping!

Attack on Vaping!

Published by Nick Blogger - Delosi Labs on Sep 26th 2019

Vaping Blanket Ban, Really?

Vitamin e-acetate was most likely used as an emulsifier to keep the propylene glycol based flavorings in a solution without separating. The flavorings used should have been an oil based flavoring (generally MCT oil) to achieve the same result with less cost and risks.

The politicians, lobbied heavily by Altria and other tobacco companies, were waiting for anything to happen. There is no differentiating of the two separate products (Nicotine Vape & THC/CBD Vape) in the media and the mass execution of this vertical market plays nice with the global goal of tobacco companies that had to invest billions to compete with the vaping market that was gaining market-share and competing for nicotine users every day.

Isn't it convenient that "Menthol" & "Tobacco" are flavors like any other, yet they are excluded from the ban? Who sells mostly only Tobacco and Menthol flavored e-cigarettes? NJoy, Vuse, Juul, BLU, etc. How convenient is it that they are owned by Big Tobacco? And, if flavors are so bad then why allow even two of them in the marketplace?

The Truth

This is not a conspiracy but the truth behind a deliberate attack on a single industry, which by comparison IS less harmful than tobacco combustable cigarettes if we are only talking about the components in nicotine e-Liquid. The willful, intentional act of ignoring the delineation of the two products (THC/CBD oil e-Liquid & Nicotine based e-Liquid) is a calculated fear mongering move in a game of chess specifically intended to stamp out an un-taxed market in order to regain revenue from lost tobacco sales by states as well as lost profits by the tobacco companies. The irony, is the vaping industry didn't mind being taxed as long as it was equal to that of tobacco.

Kids will find a way to get what they want; legal or not. Yet, politicians take up the mantra "For the children" all while crying crocodile tears and stuffing their pockets full of cash from Big Tobacco & Pharma driving addiction back to cancerous products without regard to the health they claim to protect.

Luckily, individuals can still make their own e-Liquid and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement is growing everyday.