Submission deadline for PMTA's - Delayed until 2022

Submission deadline for PMTA's - Delayed until 2022

Published by Nick Blogger - Delosi Labs on Jun 4th 2019

Great News Right?

Not so fast, nothing has changed.

Effectively all this has done is extend the deadline for actual filing of the PMTAs. We know thousands have been filing their paperwork, electronically, resulting in millions of pages of information. I suspect, a quick look at this mountain of paperwork suddenly generated by their deeming regulations made someone say "this is unenforceable right now."

Either the extension is realistic or it is a best guess and may be extended further as that new date approaches.

Overall, good news for retail juice makers as now they have a few more years to continue selling their retail juices provided they meet the new labeling requirements and warnings AND were on the market before the now passed deadline. And, as the new 5 year extension starts to move closer, they can pivot to anticipated new opportunities in the vaping industry.

At least its not bad news, right? Maybe things change during these next 5 years that makes all of this a moot point.